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Our team is here to provide a customized care plan for your pet. No two animals are the same, and we treat them that way. We specialize in preventative care, with the goal of helping your pets to avoid potential injury or illnesses.

Blair Dack, DVM

Veterinarian / Practice Owner
Dr. Dack's Bio

Dr. Blair Dack began his education at the University of Minnesota, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Originally, Dr. Dack held a mechanical engineer position at Fort Dodge Animal Health, where he gained enthusiasm for animal healthcare. Later, Dr. Dack worked with wildlife at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota. In 2004, Dr. Dack began volunteering at an animal hospital on the weekends in addition to managing the mechanical engineering department for a major consulting firm. Thus began Dr. Dack’s transition from engineer to a veterinarian, where he found his true passion.

Dr. Dack joined the team at South Metro Animal Emergency Care as a Veterinary Assistant and ultimately became a Relief Veterinarian after graduation from vet school. In 2010, Dr. Dack received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Minnesota.

After graduation, Dr. Dack moved to Florida to practice as a veterinary intern at Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists. Following his internship, Dr. Dack practiced emergency and critical care medicine at specialty hospitals in South Florida. Licensed in Florida and a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Dack carries his dedication for animal welfare into his personal life by traveling to locations such as South Africa for conservation courses, as well as Thailand as a veterinary volunteer for the Elephant Nature Park.

In 2017, Dr. Dack jumped at the opportunity to buy the Lifetime Veterinary Center, then called Animal Health Clinic. From day one, Dr. Dack has worked to build the Lifetime Veterinary Center into a leader in veterinary care. He thoroughly enjoys practicing in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, FL, and truly loves meeting and caring for all the pets and families in the area.

In his free time, Dr. Dack enjoys the outdoors, camping, diving, mountain biking, and motorcycling with his wife Camille, their son Liam, daughter Teagan and rescue yellow lab, Luna.

Darla Buchanan

Practice Manager
Darla's Bio

Darla is a native of Ohio but got the bug to move Florida at a young age and has been a Floridian since 1989. A member of the veterinary field for over 32 years! In that time, she has held virtually every single position there is in a hospital from veterinary nurse to customer service, patient coordinator, and practice manager. “Momma” Darla, as the staff refers to her, is a real wealth of information about the veterinary industry. Has been with Lifetime Veterinary Center since November 2017 shortly after Dr. Dack purchased the hospital.

Darla loves being able to educate families about pet care. She enjoys being a part of their veterinary health care for the lifetime of their pet. “Starting my day with puppy and kitten kisses is the best.”

Darla is the mom of Lifetime Veterinary Center’s official greeter, Nautica, an active and friendly Yorkie that loves to welcome clients and comfort the patients in our care. Nautica has two big brothers Thor and Titan, who are senior Dobermans and a senior little brother Rocky the Chihuahua.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with her husband Greg and son’s Cody and Chase. Darla is an avid Steelers football fan and enjoys boating and going to the beach.

Tara Laabs

Customer Service Representative
Tara's Bio

Tara is a native Floridian and has been in the veterinary field for over 14 years. She worked with large animals for five years then switched to cats and dogs, specializing in veterinary dentistry and small animal medicine.

Tara has been employed with Lifetime Veterinary Center in customer service since 2018. Tara loves meeting our great clients and getting to know their adorable pets.

Tara’s hobbies include Disney, Disney, and Disney! She is Disney’s biggest fan and visits the Disney parks frequently. Tara also enjoys baking, going to hockey games, and fishing.

Jamie Mauceri

Customer Service Representative
Jamie's Bio

Jamie has worked in the veterinary field for 13 years, starting as a kennel assistant and working her way to customer service. Jamie is one of the friendliest people you’ll meet and is very quick with a smile to greet clients and their pets.

Jamie is one of our newest team members, having joined Lifetime Veterinary Center in November 2019.

Jamie’s favorite part of veterinary medicine is getting to love on all the animals every day. It never fails to put a smile on her face.

Jamie adopted an adorable and loving domestic shorthair tuxedo kitty named Lilly.

Outside of work, Jamie enjoys spending time with her two daughters and Lilly the cat. She loves going on bike rides and hanging out at the pool.

Jade Pena, CVT

Certified Veterinary Nurse
Jade's Bio

Jade has been in the veterinary field for 11 years and has been with Lifetime Veterinary Center since 2018. A majority of her experience is in emergency and critical care medicine.

What Jade likes best about the veterinary field is applying her nursing skills combined with excellent standards of medicine to treat patients of all levels of care throughout their lives.

Jade’s fur family consists of Mylah, a 7-year-old calico cat who loves to cuddle & nap, and Leonard, a six ½-year-old black cat that is very athletic and loves to jump.

Jade is a registered yoga instructor and has a passion for teaching power vinyasa and meditation. For fun, she enjoys acro yoga (partner acrobatic yoga), slacklining, reading, writing, and naps.

Karen Fitzgerald

Certified Master Groomer
Karen's Bio

Karen has been in the grooming field for 12 years and was the star pupil under Patty at the grooming academy before joining Lifetime Veterinary Center.

Karen has loved animals, both large and small, all of her life. She loves being a part of Lifetime Veterinary Center because of the commitment to excellence of care and the compassion of the team. It makes Lifetime Veterinary Center a wonderful place to work.

Karen has three fur kids. Tucker, a three-year-old Standard Poodle/Wheaton mix (Whoodle) and Oscar and Lili Anne, who are beautiful Maine Coon Cats.

In Karen’s free time, she enjoys road biking, playing golf, and reading.

Patty Bland, NCMG

National Certified Master Groomer
Patty's Bio

Patty has been grooming since 2002 and has been turning puppies and dogs into grooming works of art at Lifetime Veterinary Center since 2006.

Patty’s vision has always been to enhance the beauty that every dog has no matter their breed, size, age, or condition. Patty is a true artist when it comes to growing and has worked to craft diligently to attain the top-rated certification as a National Certified Master Groomer. She is a former teacher at the grooming academy. She grooms for top show dogs and regularly attends conferences and shows to keep up on the latest skills and trends in grooming.

Patty is the proud mother to Pancha, a nine-year-old Brazilian Terrier she rescued in 2019. Being a terrier lover, she enjoys participating with Pancha in performance events like Barn Hunt.

In her free time, Patty enjoys wildlife photography, dance exercise, and traveling to a new place each year.

Connie Mustapick

Master Groomer
Connie's Bio

Connie has been a master groomer for over 18 years. She joined our practice shortly after attending the National Dog Groomers Association of America and has been beautifying the dog world ever since.

Connie specializes in grooming small breeds and uses only the highest quality of shampoos and conditioners. She also provides medicated or conditioning baths for those with problem coat conditions or sensitive skin.

Connie has a genuine affection and respect for animals. She has a sensitivity to the unique needs of geriatric pets, and her passion lies in working with the older animals. She prides herself on taking the time to provide a comfortable and mellow experience for older pets in her care.

In her free time, Connie enjoys breeding Bengal cats.

Courtney Harris

Veterinary Assistant
Courtney's Bio

Courtney has a passion for animals and started her veterinary career in 2018 after leaving the corporate world to follow her dreams. She joined Lifetime Veterinary Center in August of 2019 and has become an essential part of our team.

Courtney is a native of Pennsylvania and moved to Florida with her family. She is a graduate of Lasalle and Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science.

Courtney’s favorite part of veterinary medicine is giving hugs and kisses to all the animals she has the pleasure of caring for.

Courtney has two fur kids, Bob and Saul. Bob is a tuxedo cat she adopted from an animal shelter she was volunteering at. He is very spoiled, loves treats, and loves snuggling at night. Saul is an extraordinary two-year-old yellow lab mix whom she rescued while volunteering with an organization in China that saves dogs from the meat market. Saul was very neglected and is a canine distemper survivor. He has lasting neurologic damage, but with specialized care and lots of love from Courtney, he is a very happy and thriving boy.

In her spare time, Courtney loves training and competitively showing horses.

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